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Design Services

Through my design practice I help you improve your outdoor environment to enhance your daily life. Whether you are searching for tranquility or looking to add excitement, I work with you to create a beautiful landscape so that you can surround yourself with nature.


Planting Design

This service is perfect if you’re looking to refresh or re-install existing landscape beds, foundation plantings, and island beds and do not need a hardscape plan.

Fee: Starting at $2,000


Full Landscape Design

A full landscape design includes hardscape and planting plants and can cover one part of or a full property.

Fee: Starting at $3,000

(Design Intent Oversight)


Full Landscape Design + Installation Facilitation

We’ll create a full landscape plan and I’ll provide design intent oversite for your project and a list of trusted contractors from whom you can seek bids to install the project.

Fee: Starting at $3,000 plus 3% of project installation cost.

Additional Services

Design Intent Oversight

I will help oversee the installation of your landscape to ensure that the intent of the design plans are carried out.

Fee: 3% of installation cost


Additional Renderings

Each design package includes one set of revisions to the initial plans. Additional revisions are available.

Fee: Billed hourly at $125/ hour

Container Design

Gorgeous container plantings can make a huge different in your home’s entryway or enjoyment of your porch or patio space. I will help you design containers, from selecting the plants to finding the perfect pots.

Fee: $125/ hour plus cost of plants and containers


Go Shopping

I’d love to help you “paint with plants” at the garden center. I’ll meet you at the garden center or outdoor living store of your choice.

Fee: $250 minimum plus $125 for each additional hour  

Plant Procurement

Make sure you have the best plants for your landscape installation. I’ll work with my trusted network of plant sources to find unique, excellent quality plants for your installation.

Fee: Plant costs + time and delivery

Ready to get started?

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