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Strong design, a sense of beauty and a love for plants, are the driving forces behind everything I do at Plant Passion Design.

I believe that our environment plays an important part in our well-being, so I seek to enhance my clients’ surroundings by creating functional living spaces that add beauty and harmony to their lives.

I use plants the way a painter uses paint. I love combining them, playing with texture, color, shapes, and form. The end result for each client is an individually crafted, beautiful garden or landscape that is alive and functional, engaging and delighting the senses.

Hi there!

I'm Adriana. I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city that has significant problems affecting its quality of life: pollution, traffic congestion and lack of open space. I was fortunate to grow up within a family that was constantly immersed in art, culture and architecture. One place where I could freely explore and enjoy nature was my grandparents’ garden. I came to love that space.


Plant Passion Design reflects all those life experiences and inspires me to help my clients create gorgeous, plant-filled spaces of their own.

Plant Passion Design, landscape and garden designer in Portland, Oregon. Adriana Berry, outdoor living space designer

Association of Professional Landscape Designers - Fellow APLD member

Association of Northwest Landscape Designers - ANLD

Perennial Plant Association - PPA

Hardy Plant Society of Oregon - HPSO

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